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Always unless the plot has moved significantly forward making the post obsolete.
I am generally fine with it as long as I'm not getting a mountain of tags that are not meant for my character.
Comments in the Subject Line
It's fine if there is a need - otherwise it can be distracting.
Fourth Wall Breakage
Fine by me. Anakin is already pretty broken. And good luck convincing him you're telling the truth.
Offensive Topics
His story has spousal abuse in it, amputations, violence, the murder of children and so forth. If offensive subjects come up in a log, I will mark for them - however you are welcome to ask me to avoid them with your character(s) if you like.
Anything Else?
My contact is [ profile] tiger_eyes or through PMs.
Unless you are Padmé or someone he comes to love/trust, there might be the small problem of a lightsaber intervening.
Same as above.
You can try but he either won't understand it or he will take it badly.
Always and forever~
If you can. I don't want him without arms/legs like in his canon - that would be a death sentence I imagine in Hadriel - but anything less than that is fine.
We can talk about it.
He'll know and then you'll probably want to make a run for it.
His connection to the Force is pretty magical, I would say, so I'm not against him seeing it/being around it or even being affected by it.
So many things. Padmé is his main trigger. He'll go from zero to crazy for her. The same is probably true for Obi-Wan. Also anyone who refuses to see his "power" will likely set him off too. Anakin is very prickly and not quite a full Sith yet.
Anything Else?
He can use the Force to choke another, to throw them back, to hold them down etc.. Like any Sith, he tends to use fear of pain/misery/death to control those he does not like or feels can assist him (but won't because of silly morals). I will ask if him using said abilities is alright with your character if it ever comes up in a thread, but feel free to agree/disagree to them here!