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Open Post

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Melkor was bored.

Earth left him with a lot of free time and none of his siblings or Mairon to bother. Yelling at clouds and eagels was only fun for so long. It wasn't as fun when Manwe wasn't really there. The humans here, for the most part, were boring as well. All he heard from them was Melkor no, Melkor stop it, Melkor don't burn that, Melkor you can't break that.

It got old after awhile. Everyone was always telling him what to do no matter where he was and he hated it. He wanted to burn things, break them, and generally mess things up. There was only one human who didn't judge him for being who and what he was. In Anakin Skywalker he recognized someone else who had been told to be someone different because the rest of the world didn't understand.

That lead him to the house of a certain Sith Lord, his face pressed up against the door. He could knock but manners were not one of the gifts Eru had bestowed on him.

"Annnnnnnakin." Melkor called out, his voice making the walls shake before he just decided to open the door whether there was an answer or not. The best thing about his new friend was that the human wasn't always telling him that something was a bad idea or telling him to think about what he was doing. Today was already looking up.
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"Well, there is always the added benefit for your delightful company," Melkor added with a laugh as he leaned against the doorframe. "And I doubt you had anything better to do, right?" he asked as he headed into the house.

He grinned at the scorch marks on a couple of the walls- that had been a fun afternoon though for some reason no one else had agreed. He was proud that they had somehow been able to make the flames multiple colors but then there was the 'no can't light fires in the house, etc'.

No one was much fun as Anakin.

"Have you ever driven any of the- what do they call it- cars?"
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"Well, that's what you have me for!" And why Melkor always sought out Anakin. He grinned when Anakin tugged on his shirt, amused.

"I bet we could make it go faster than any other care," he said thoughtfully as he imagined it. Sure, they may get in trouble but the thought of speeding through the streets was exciting. "Just gotta add something to the engine, right?"

And if Anakin could drive, well, what else was stopping them?
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"FLYING." And then when he saw Manwe again he could taunt his brother that he had finally mastered air. See if his little brother was so smug then.

"Uh the bigger, the better?" Melkor didn't know a lot about technology but he did know that big things were fun when it came to fire and explosions. He didn't see why the same wouldn't hold true when it came to flying. He peered over to watch Anakin work, he was always fascinated by the stuff Anakin could build.
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"I can always help with that." Fire powers came in handy in situations like this, something he appreciated it. Anakin had more patience for putting things together than Melkor did which he was aware of so he was willing to sit quietly for the time being. It would be worth it.

"Everyone will be so jealous of us, we'll have the fastest car." And that was important, show everyone else what they could do. that they couldn't. No one appreciated their talents but they would, eventually.
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'Do thy best, Child of Eru.'

Words echoed around the Elf as Maedhros stepped onto heated ground. He tasted ash and lava in the air and it nearly brought him to his knees in memory. He'd been warned, he'd been given the choice of where he would go next.

He'd chosen to see what help he could be to Anakin, rather than walk the Halls beyond the bare skirting he'd done on the way to speak with Lord Namo. He pulled his hood low over his head and squared his shoulders. Two whole and unmarred hands surreptitiously touched clothe and flesh to ensure he wasn't dreaming.

Careful steps took him up a path and toward where he felt Anakin was - a sense that had been strengthened through time as well as familiarity. Now, the Man seemed to Sing in the Music that his brother used so easily, and that he could touch the edges of but could hear still.

Doors opened only through force, but he wouldn't let anything stand in his way unless Anakin placed it there himself. He only hoped he would be known!
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Maedhros recognized that yellow gaze, but didn't fear for himself when Anakin spoke his name. He too didn't draw his sword, though he had it with him. The fear that he wouldn't be recognized eased and he greeted the Man with a small smile.

"You have a difficult task before you, my friend. I was given the chance to aid you where I can, and took it."

Only part of him was left to missing those he wouldn't see for however long he remained in this universe far from his own.
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"I do," Maedhros closed the distance to rest a hand on Anakin's shoulder, to prove he was real and solid, not a dream. "Then we should find me something that will serve me better here."

He understood Anakin's unease, but this was where he felt he was needed most. He pushed his hood back and glanced around them. "It has a wild heat to it I was not entirely expecting."
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Got any ideas on what Anakin's doing for the plot?