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NAME: Riddle
AGE: 30
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RETURNING: Indeed! I had Tauriel at one point and Lord Voldemort at another.

CHARACTER NAME: Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader
SERIES: Star Wars: Episode III, Revenge of the Sith
CHRONOLOGY: Before he meets Padmé and Obi-Wan on Mustafar.
CLASS: Villain
HOUSING: De Chima #001

BACKGROUND: "Had he been born in the Republic, we would have identified him early. The Force is unusually strong with him, that much is clear."

PERSONALITY: Once, Anakin Skywalker was a bright beacon of hope and sanity. He was rash, yes, and passionate about life and his interests, but he could be reasoned with and usually logic prevailed. However, as he grew (and fell in love), his control over his emotions and habits began to fray at the seams. He found strength in love - especially with Padmé at his side - but the way he felt - and still feels - for her is like a madness. He is plagued by jealousy (as seen by his reaction to her old lovers) and a deep fear that he will lose her as he lost his mother. The nightmares the Force gives him do not help said fear; instead they heighten his desperate need to somehow be stronger than fate. Palpatine plays on that weakness and steadily picks apart Anakin's hold on reality.

The Anakin of the past - the one under the tutelage of Obi-Wan - would have never killed younglings or sought to oppose the Jedi so openly. But, as he is presently, he will do anything - anything - to take control of the galaxy and thus see to Padmé's safety personally. He will not - cannot - lose her. Without her, Anakin feels he will be lost, yet he doesn't realize that he is already losing himself in the Dark. Therefore, like his nightmares foretell, he is, ironically, causing the very future that he fears most.

Presently, Anakin - or, rather, Darth Vader - is walking on a razor thin line between sanity and madness. He is willing to be cruel - ruthless - in order to see his dearest wish fulfilled. His faith in the Jedi and Obi-Wan has been annihilated and he knows that he will face his old Master soon - and that he must see to Obi-Wan's death. While his Master lives, Anakin knows he will oppose him and he cannot have that. Not in his empire.

Interestingly Anakin has little desire to serve Palpatine - a far cry from his loyalty to the Sith in the future. While Padmé lives, he sees himself as Emperor and her as his Empress. Palpatine is merely a means to an end and he is prepared to kill the Sith so that there is no question who rules the galaxy. Any fondness he might have felt for his senatorial confidante means nothing compared to Padmé living and giving birth to their child in peace. He is certain he will be a good Emperor and any rough patches will be smoothed over in time; a true sign that he is delusional. He murders without compunction and even if Padmé approached him on his actions, he would assure her they were necessary and she shouldn't worry.

Plainly put, Anakin Skywalker - now Darth Vader - has lost himself in his ambitions and his desperation. His emotions have overwhelmed his good sense and the Force is responding powerfully to his choice to fall into the Darkness. Yet Anakin has not perished; he has not completely given way to Darth Vader. He is torn by what he must do and it strains him visibly. His delusions cannot protect him from the blood on his hands or the horrific images now embedded in his mind. They haunt him even if he has convinced himself he does not feel guilty. The younglings needed to die or else they would have grown into Jedi to oppose him, for example.

He does not feel guilt. He does not feel shame. She is worth any sacrifice. Yet his sleep is never easy and his nightmares have worsened rather than improving. His delusions can only shield him as long as he is awake and, even then, he needs someone to understand him. He needs someone to tell him all is well and he is on the right path. Someone besides Palpatine. But deep down he knows no one will give him that reassurance. As Emperor, he will not be opposed and all will agree with him because of the peace he creates. All of his previous actions will be forgotten.

All will be well. All will be well. Or so his delusional mind repeats to soothe his uneasy conscience.

POWER: Telekinesis/Psychokinesis: This is where the bulk of Anakin's power lies. He can use Binding on an opponent (which means he can keep them from moving), he can use Levitation on an object or person (which means he can lift them into the air), he is well-known for his Telekinetic Choking, he can use the Telekinetic Maneuver to deflect an opponent's attack and he can incorporate the Telekinetic Pull/Push in and out of battle on objects and people as it suits him.

On a more advanced level, he can control objects (usually weapons) so that they home in on a target (the Homing Effect), he can use Spatial Sense to "see"/sense what is going on in another room (ex. when he knew Padmé was being attacked), his Telekinetic Aura is likely quite vast (thus deterring possible opponents (or welcoming them)), he can use Telekinesis in combat (Telekinetic Combat), he can compress/crush objects without touching them (Telekinetic Compression), he use immense pressure to damage an area (Telekinetic Pressure) and he can utilize Unarmed Weapon Wielding.

Unfortunately for him, even his most powerful of gifts are subject to the whims of his emotions. He can be too dramatic and use them inappropriately or in ways he never logically intended (i.e. when he chokes Padmé). Furthermore they can erupt from him chaotically and cause objects around him to bend/warp. Why yes, Anakin is a mess. But he is a powerful mess.

Precognition: As a child, Anakin knew he would one day be a Jedi. He said he dreamed of it, which is a form of Destiny Perception. Additionally, as he grows older, he has dreams of both his mother and Padmé in danger; that is a form of Danger Intuition. Lastly, and unsurprisingly considering the fate of both women, I think it is safe to say that his precognition can include a Death Sense. However this is not a power he can control nor call upon at will. It is tied intimately with his emotions and he must feel strongly for someone to feel their distress within the Force.

Enhanced Senses: Anakin, as a Jedi (and as a Sith), can detect subtleties in the Force all around him. I can think of no better way to describe said ability than by labeling it as a form of Energy Detection. Distance plays a key factor in this ability (unless he has strong feelings for a person) and he will not be able to sense danger/a strong power/shifts in the Force unless they are either mighty and far-reaching or relatively close by. Furthermore, it is entirely possible for his emotions to cloud this sense and blind him to the danger before him (see Palpatine). And since Anakin is an emotional sort, this power may or may not be very handy. Yet it does seem to kick in nicely when someone he loves is in danger, at least, even if he often can do nothing to save them.

COMMUNITY POST (VOICE) SAMPLE: [There is a hooded figure on the feed, his face shadowed. Except for his eyes. They alone glow a bright yellow-gold.]

I am seeking other Jedi. [His eyes dim and he shifts, arms crossed over his chest.] My name is Anakin Skywalker and I do not recognize this world or any of its cities. I will be traveling to each city in turn, searching for answers; searching for allies. You could save me a trip by giving me what I seek now.

[Anakin pushes back his hood at last, smiling. Instead of the expression being comforting, it is unnerving - almost like he is one step away from breaking.]

Are there any ships? I'd rather not have to build one from scratch. [Though, technically, he probably could.] You can't tell me this is the only planet in the galaxy that doesn't have at least one ship.

LOGS POST (PROSE) SAMPLE: Test Drive (February); Test Drive (March)